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Finland introduced an innovative way to attract potential permanent-residency applicants.

We have all heard of a minute to win, however, Finland’s new immigration policy goes along the lines of 90 days to clinch it! The country, well-known for its stable economic and political environment, had unveiled an immigration program wherein immigrants were allowed to relocate to the country for 90 days. The immigrants were then left to make a choice to either move back to their own country or apply for permanent residency with the help of the Finnish government.

Out of the 5,300 applications received so far, 30 per cent of these applications have been from the USA and Canada. The immigrants interested in this scheme had varied motivations. Many wanted to relocate to the country with their families, while others wanted to widen their investment opportunities, and quite a few came seeking better job opportunities.

Immigrants who are selected under the scheme were assured that they will get all the appropriate guidance and assistance. Moreover, they will also be provided with other facilities such as a house and schooling for kids.

The country has become a thriving hub for tech enthusiasts. With a start-up industry worth $6 billion, the country also hosts the highest number of digital start-ups, per capita. Another great advantage of relocating to Finland is the safe and stable socio-economic conditions in the country. Universal healthcare and generous parental leaves are the cherries on the cake.

The country has seen particularly low rates of COVID-19 infections, and at the same time has also dodged severe economic slowdowns, like quite a few other countries in Europe. In a time where political waters are getting choppy with the Brexit deal underway, and the Biden administration yet to be ushered into the parliament of the USA, people all around the world are seeking a safe and uncertainty-rid environment to continue their lives, and Finland seems to provide the same.

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