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Employment rates increases as Canada aims to recover its economy

Due to the recent ongoing pandemic, Canada saw a steep decline in employment rate as due to the countrywide lockdown imposed, there were many layoffs and limited job vacancies.

Now that Canada has loosened the restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus, Offices and shops are opening again and new job vacancies have arisen.

The Canada jobs Labor Force Survey unemployment states that the unemployment rate is 5 percent down from the peak of 13.7 percent in May 2020.

 In the month of September 2020, Canada has added 378,000 jobs and as a result of which, the unemployment rate has gone down to just 9 percent and the employment rate sits around 59 percent. This shows that Canada is recovering quickly from the after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the rise in the number of jobs, the number of total jobs is equivalent to the scenario before the Coronavirus lockdown.

Due to the lockdown, an estimated 5 million people were affected financially in May 2020. This figure has dropped significantly as about 1.3 million people were still affected in the month of September.

The employment rate of full-time workers rose by 2.1 percent while the employment rate of part-time workers increased by 1.3 percent.

Unemployment rate (%)9.0
Employment rate (%)59.1
Labour force participation rate (%)65.0
Number unemployed1,832,600
Number working18,469,900
Youth (15-24) unemployment rate (%)18.9
Men (over 25) unemployment rate (%)7.8
Women (over 25) unemployment rate (%)7.0
Statistics Canada

Canada’s two biggest provinces, Ontario and Quebec had the highest increase in employment rates followed by Manitoba and British Columbia. There was no significant increase in the employment rate in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Unemployment Rates In Canada’s Provinces

ProvinceJobs change in last monthUnemployment rate (%)
British Columbia54,8008.4
New Brunswick2,20010.4
Nova Scotia12,0007.9
Prince Edward Island-80010.1
Newfoundland & Labrador3,70014.8
Statistics Canada

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