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Emotional support poured in for the Class of 2020

While the pandemic has shown us the true wrath of mother nature, it has also brought us closer to the people we love, made us more aware of the consequences of our actions, and allowed us to recalibrate our lives. Moreover, there have been several instances during these difficult times that people have shown what it is like to be a sensitive human being, by committing small but meaningful acts of kindness.

The Class of 2020 will experience something that most students never would have dreamt of. And recognizing this, letters from eminent personalities poured in, motivating and consoling the young students, and making them believe that hard times are always temporary! Hard time it is, because of the unpredictable job market, into which the class will enter, or the few fun and happiness-filled moments of college that the students will miss out on. A number of senior personalities and celebrities took the chance to boost the morale of students worldwide, including Barack Obama.

He said, in his usual frank and matter-of-fact style, “Just as you have been looking forward to… graduation ceremonies…the world is turned upside down by a global pandemic. And as much as I am sure you love your parents, being stuck at home with board games … is not exactly how you envisioned the last few months of senior year.”

He also raised some important issues, and gave students a glimpse of what the changed world is going to be like, “If you are planning to work while going to school, finding that first job is going to be tougher… You will have to grow up faster than some generations…All those adults that used to think were in charge, turns out they do not have all the answers. Some of them are not even asking the right questions. So, if the world is gonna get better, it is up to you. That realisation might be intimidating, I hope it is also inspiring.”

Apart from Barack Obama, Kamala Harris and Melania Trump also poured in their thoughts.

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A passionate economics student, who also has a love for writing, I am currently studying in the United Kingdom, and as a content writer I have a knack for going the extra mile. I am particularly enthralled by the power of knowledge, and its abundance and lack thereof, so I read vivaciously to remained informed and updated in this rapidly transforming digital age.

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