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Data science – why is it the hottest career right now?

Data science has become a widespread concept across a number of businesses. With industries heading towards the fourth industrial revolution, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things have started to transform our human lives.

Rapid growth in technology creates opportunities and challenges for business which needs professionals to understand the exceptions and lay out business strategies to change the way they work. There is a humongous number of data produced every minute, so businesses demand professionals who can resolve complex issues. 

Needless to mention, Data science has revolutionised prime sectors of business, including, health care, banking, entertainment, utility, sports, and much more.

Over the past few years, several prominent universities around the world have begun offering post-graduate courses specialising  in data science, incorporating artificial intelligence, market analysis, cloud computing and machine learning.

Popular countries for Data science

There are several leading institutions in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland and New Zealand offering a Masters degree program in data science with a powerful business emphasis. It is important to understand the specifications of the programme and how much it will cost to decide on the chosen destination. Don’t forget to bear in mind the visa requirements of each nation and the eligibility criteria. It is significant too. 

What will you study?

Being a data scientist demands a decent analytical and quantitative capacity to resolve complex issues. Many universities collaborate with industry professionals in the preparation of the program before providing it to students.

Students have a chance to study subjects like statistics, machine learning, data modelling, data analytics, business analysis, database systems, cloud computing, data visualisation, algorithms and internet technologies; and if you are fortunate, some colleges also cover a few program languages.

It is really crucial to go through the program structure of university before you make your final decision. Some colleges offer job placements, internships or capstone projects, which is of great benefit if one is taking a program with such a mix.


Program costs would vary from college to college, and of course with different countries. Some of the most common elements that impact tuition fees consist of the duration of the course, destination country and ranking of the university.


The specifications of the program differ for each university. Most universities in the US prefer students to take GRE/GMAT exams, although many universities in Australia, the UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand test students on the basis of their academic record and do not ask for GMAT/GRE scores. IELTS-like English-language proficiency exams are compulsory for all universities across English-speaking nations.

Career opportunities

As one of the hottest courses nowadays, Data Science opens doors to lots of opportunities along with enticing salary packages. These programs  help students explore the different verticals of an industry based on one’s domain knowledge. With demanding applications across industries, data science is a stream that can revolutionise one’s career.

There are many universities which offer a wide range of scholarships based on academic merit, so it is advisable to check and clarify with one’s counsellor beforehand to get an idea about the courses open for you.  

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