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Community college a possible gateway to education at a US university.

According to AACC and Columbia University, approximately 42-45 percent of baccalaureate students in America begin their education at a community college. They attend community colleges first for the ease, cost savings, small class sizes, and getting more time to consider their final university option. Community colleges, for the most part, have provided them with that, as well as something special in America: freshman and sophomore credit transfer to a university of their choosing, as well as a application process that eliminates criteria such as TOEFL/IELTS, SAT/ACT, and, in many universities, high school transcripts.

Some universities have negotiated articulation agreements with community colleges in which, if all transfer acceptance requirements are met, students can be guaranteed admission as a junior when applying as a transferred student. Reasons for attending a community college as a freshman before moving to a university as a junior should not be exclusive to US students. However, fewer than 5% of foreign bachelor degree students in the United States who enrol in a community college take advantage of this opportunity, raising the question of equal opportunity.

Most people are only aware of, and attempt, the highly competitive method of applying directly to their dream university. Strong admission selectivity equates to high failures, resulting in many shattered dreams and traumatised young people whose university rejection will haunt them for the remainder of their lives.

Because of articulation, the classes offered at community college are the same as those offered at a university, but tuition is much lower. Furthermore, courses are taught by professors from the United States. Prior to enrolling in an American university, students have the opportunity to participate in authentic American classroom learning. The word University Transfer Admissions explains what community colleges do and contrasts it with the only other choice for obtaining a bachelor’s degree, which is University Freshmen Admission.

This removes the misunderstanding created by a plethora of terms used to define the position of community colleges, such as pathway, 1+1+2, 2+2, bridge studies, and so on. As UTA and UFA are seen side by side, people will see community colleges as equal partners to universities with the same goals and results. UTA is an excellent complement to UFA.

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