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City in Focus: Montreal

Montreal is Canada’s second-largest city and is located in the province of Quebec.  It is also the second-largest predominantly French-speaking city in the World, only behind the city of Paris in France. Montreal gets its name from a three-peak hill called Mount Royal which is situated in the middle of the city. Montreal has a population of around 1.8 million individuals residing in the city. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city with huge skyscrapers and a grid like street layout. Montreal is an important center for the following sectors: commerce, transport, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, education, art, culture, tourism, fashion designing, video game development, and world affairs.

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada and are wish to live, work or study in the city of Montreal, you should consider the following factors about the city of Montreal:

Location:  Montreal is located in the southern west part of the Quebec province and is situated on the Island of Montreal. The city is situated east of the national capital city of Ottawa, and south-west of the provincial capital, Quebec City.

Weather: If you are living in Montreal, you’d be able to experience four distinct seasons in a year. Winters in Montreal start from early December until late March, and the onset of winter is prone to change by a bit every year. The coldest winter months in Montreal are January and February as the temperature drops to -20°C or below. Spring in Montreal is very short and usually starts in early April, after the short season of spring, hot and humid summers begins in late May where daily temperatures are well above 20°C-30°C. The season of autumn begins in late August and the entire city is filled with orange and brown leaves which makes it a spectacular season to see and experience in Montreal.

Cost of Living: Living in Montreal is affordable as compared to other cities as rent and housing prices are cheap. A shared two-bedroom apartment will cost you just 450 CAD per month and a one-bedroom apartment will cost you around 750 CAD in Montreal.

Transportation:  The most preferred mode of transit in the city of Montreal is its Metro system. The Metro system consists of four lines, 68 stations, and is one of the busiest subway systems in Canada which is used daily. The Metro system is operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM). A monthly travel pass can cost you around 52 CAD.

Overview of Montreal:

The positives of living in Montreal are: Distinct seasons, the affordable housing market, and transit. Vibrant nightlife, low tuition fees, low crime rate, and close proximity to the famous Mount Royal.

The negatives of living in Montreal are: High taxes and low wages as compared to other cities and proficiency in the French language is required.

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