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Canadian spousal immigration applications get a boost

While the coronavirus pandemic marked a stark decrease in the approval of most forms of visas in several countries, there have been new developments. Under the new 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan, the IRCC and the Canadian government have decided to increase the earlier target of 70,000 immigrants to be admitted under the Spouses, Partners and Children Category to 80,000 annually. Moreover, under the family category, the IRCC also plans to increase the number of parents and grandparents granted a permanent residency in Canada.

Husbands, wives and partners of Canadian citizens who sponsor them are the main groups targeted by the IRCC, which also announced that it will speed up the processing of 6,000 spousal applications per month in between September and December 2020. Moreover, as COVID-19 lockdowns ease, the finalization of the spousal sponsorship application also has seen a two-fold rise since July.

Out of the increased applications, both in-land applications and overseas applications have seen large rises in numbers since July 2020, which may signal better times to come for spousal and partner visa applications.

Certain eligibility requirements will need to be met to sponsor your partner. While being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is a must, sponsors also have to satisfy other criteria. These include, but are not limited to –

  • 18 years or above in age
  • Do not receive social assistance other than for a disability
  • Can provide for the basic financial needs of their partner they are sponsoring
  • Overseas Canadian Citizens applying for this visa will have to provide proof that they will come back to Canada to live with their partner.
  • Spouses should be legally married and be over 18 years

The application process for a spousal application is relatively simple and will require you to submit dual applications simultaneously, one for a sponsorship application and the other for a permanent residence.

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