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Canada: Finding employment can be made easy for immigrants by adapting to the Canadian standard.

Most international students who attend university or college in Canada decide to work part-time to gain experience in the work field while studying and doing well financially as well.

This article will help you gain valuable insight into the employment scene in Canada on a local scale.

Several factors determine if an immigrant will be offered a job or not. Even if immigrants get a job under a Canadian employer, there is a high chance that the employer will be pretty biased and would favor a Canadian-born applicant rather than an immigrant. Moreover, there is a huge pay gap between Canadian-born employees and immigrant employees that have doubled in the last 30 years. Statistically, immigrants are earning about 10% less than their Canada-born counterparts.

The biggest obstacle faced by immigrant workers is discrimination. It is observed that their credentials and achievements are disregarded by most Canadian employers who are unable to determine their value and consider them under-qualified as compared to the Canadian-born workers. Even after being employed, Immigrants face many challenges to be really accepted by their colleagues and their employer.

There are certain tips which can prove to be useful for a potential immigrant who wishes to work in Canada.

  • While applying for any job, potential employees are required to submit their resumes. Certain factors make the resume sound better and boost the chances of getting a personal interview with an employer. Some of the following tips can be used for writing a resume which will strategically present the applicant’s qualifications:
  1. Being very clear and concise.
  2. Being honest about qualifications and achievements.
  3. Tailoring the resume to suit the needs of the job which the candidate is applying for.
  4. Proofreading the resume for any errors.
  5. Quantifying personal achievements and highlighting your accomplishments.
  • There are several laws which are in effect by the federal and provincial government of Canada which protect the immigrant workers from workplace discrimination:- 
  1. Each province in Canada sets its own minimum wage, which means that no employer should be paying their employees nothing less than the minimum wage, as stated by their province.
  2. There are certain work hours decided unanimously by the employee and employer while joining, the pre-decided work hours cannot be increased on the whim of the employer under any case.
  3. Each workplace should follow certain health and safety standards. 
  4. There should be at least one paid vacation for the employees in a year for a certain number of days.
  5. No type of discrimination based on race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability is allowed in any workplace in Canada.
  • It is necessary for the immigrant employees to sign a work contract and ask for the proof of employment before starting work so that their rights can be upheld and valid in case a workplace dispute takes place.
  • Employees shouldn’t work for jobs where they are only paid in the form of cash, as those jobs are illegal. Employees are paid less than minimum wage while doing such jobs. Employees should keep their pay receipts safe and check if their employer is deducting necessary taxes from your pay as not paying taxes is illegal.

Students who wish to work while studying at a college or a university can also opt for on-campus or off-campus work placements or can opt for a Co-Op placement that can be paid or unpaid but helps in gaining the necessary experience which can prove helpful in the future.

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