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Canada Has One Million Job Vacancies As Canadian Economy Recovers

At the start of September, Canada had more than 1 million job openings, indicating that the economy is improving as it recovers from Covid-19 induced pandemic. Businesses in Canada have begun to hire, which benefits potential immigrants who are considering making their dream move to the country.

According to Statistics Canada’s payroll and vacancy report, there are a lot of job openings in industries like lodging and food services, health care, and retail trade. Increased economic activity, skills shortages, and changes in labour needs, according to federal government statisticians.

Accommodation and food services had the most job openings in September, with over 1,96,000, up from over 1,57,000 in August.

As per the Canadian Assessment on Business Conditions for the third quarter of 2021, more than half of enterprises in the sector expect to have hiring challenges.

“Increases in job vacancies can signal a number of developments,” the report said. “First, such increases can signal an increase in economic activity and hiring, as employers create new positions to be filled.

“Second, an increase in vacancies can signal new or worsening structural labour markets imbalances, such as shortages of specific skills or geographic mismatches between available positions and workers who could fill them. Third, increasing vacancies can be an indication of shifts in the willingness of workers to accept the wages, benefits, and conditions associated with a particular job.”

According to the Survey on Business Conditions for the third quarter of 2021, more than half of enterprises in the sector expect to have hiring challenges. More than 1,31,000 job openings in health care and social support were reported, more than double the number a year before. However, retail trade, which is the third most popular industry, had roughly 1,22,000 job openings in September.

In September, Ontario had the most job openings, with over 3,63,000 positions available in Canada's most populous province.

Meanwhile, Quebec has the second-largest number of vacancies in real terms (almost 2,80,000), but one of the highest job vacancy rates (all unfilled positions as a percentage of total positions). Regardless of the fact that the western province has a lower actual number of openings, the French-speaking province’s vacancy rate of 7.3 per cent was only surpassed by British Columbia’s rate of 7.4 per cent.

Ontario and New Brunswick both have significant vacancy rates (both 5.6 per cent). The advent of the novel Covid-19 variant omicron, first discovered in southern Africa in November and forcing a travel ban from the region, will be keenly watched by Canadian businesses.

The world is waiting to discover if the coronavirus pandemic is about to enter a new, destructive phase, as scientists hurry to assess the efficiency of existing vaccinations against the new variety. Considering the pandemic, Canada is on track to welcome over 4,00,000 new permanent immigrants in 2021, a modern-era high accomplished by leveraging individuals already in the country on a temporary basis, such as those with work permits and study permits.

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