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Canada Bags First Position As Most Googled Destination To Study Abroad

According to new information from the money-transfer site Remitly, Canada is the most-searched country for studying abroad, with students from 36 nations flocking to the country.

Canada has outperformed all the countries and has won amongst all. Canada is followed by Spain. Second-place in 13 countries, Spain was the second-most searched destination. England finished third and was sought after by students from ten other countries.

According to Remitly, Spain was placed second because of its rich culture, pleasant climate, and diverse educational opportunities. Universities may be found in almost every city in England, with many specializing in certain areas.

The fourth place was a tie between Japan, France, and the United States, with Australia rounding out the top five. France was the most popular study abroad destination among Canadian students.

In 164 countries, the study examined the average monthly search volume for keywords often linked with studying abroad, such as “study in (place),” “university in (location),” and “university courses in (location).” Students are lured to Canada for its big cities, stunning landscapes, notably nice residents, great health care, and decent employment opportunities, according to Remitly.

In addition, Canada is home to ten of the world’s top 250 universities, including the University of Toronto (U of T), McGill University, and the University of British Columbia, to mention a few. The most-searched-for universities were also examined, with U of T ranking eighth out of 25 institutions.

Harvard was the most searched institution. “It’s not hard to see why Canada is so far ahead of the competition in our research, with the inhabitants of 36 countries searching to study here,” Remitly said. “Taking your studies overseas for part, or all, of your course, can be one of the most exciting prospects of student life… With Covid-19 restrictions having eased worldwide, the opportunity to learn elsewhere is becoming a reality yet again.”

This isn’t the first survey to indicate a desire to study in Canada. Canada was placed first for the second year in a row in’s 2021 rankings of the “Top 10 Places in the World to Study Abroad,” edging out the United States and the United Kingdom. Over 2,700 international students took part in the poll, which found that many students prioritize a country over a university or a specific sort of program.

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