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Britain’s Immigration System Is Developed After The Second World War Era, Need Modernization

An immigration expert has demanded the United Kingdom rethinks its asylum and immigration rules system designed for a “bygone age” amid soaring numbers arriving in the country.

British former diplomat Alp Mehmet/GB News

British former diplomat Alp Mehmet has branded the UK’s immigration system “absurd” as he said the process must be revisited to suit Britain in the 21st Century. While speaking to GB News’ Nigel Farage, the MigrationWatch UK Chairman said Britain’s model is based upon a system brought in after the Second World War.

Farage has asked whether it was time to reconsider the 1951 Convention on Refugee Status. He also probed Mehmet as to whether the UK should also reevaluate the overreach of the European Court of Human Rights in proceedings.

The 1951 Convention of Refugees is the main international treaty concerning refugee protection.

It was drawn up to meet the needs of European refugees in the aftermath of World War II and was supplemented by the 1967 Protocol. The 1967 Protocol removed the “temporal and geographical limitations of the Refugee Convention”, meaning it applied to refugees all over the world.

Farage and Mehmet discussing/ GB News

Farage asked the immigration expert: “Is it time we look at all this and said ‘these things were all written in the 1950s…

“It’s actually time for a rethink on all of this?”

Mehmet replied it was “absolutely” time for a rethink. He explained: “It seems absurd to me that something was designed for a bygone age. And circumstances after the Second World War [is] still largely the basis for our asylum system that we have now.”

Mehmet branded it “is ridiculous” before demanding change in the UK immigration system.

The immigration claimed how the “considerable” population growth increase in the UK over the last twenty years has been driven largely by immigrants. He claimed, “84-per cent of that has been due to immigration… children born to migrants. That is huge! How on earth are we able to cope?”

Almost 28,000 migrants have arrived in Britain this year alone after crossing the English Channel in small boats, dwarfing the 8,400 that crossed in 2020. Tragically, in November, 27 migrants died after their boat capsized while attempting the perilous journey.

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