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Canada’s Southern Ontario Is A Popular Destination Among Immigrants But Pays Far Less Than Other Provinces

New immigrants to Canada, as well as those relocating within the country, tend to gravitate toward one of the country’s two major urban centres: the Toronto and Vancouver areas.

Considering the fact that the two cities and their neighbouring areas are the most popular among immigrants, new data shows that they are the poorest places for them to work, at least in terms of compensation.

As per media reports, the median annual income for immigrants in the two major cities was much lower than the rest of the country (as of the most recent poll in 2019).

Although new Canadians’ entry wages have increased over time, achieving a median of $31,900 in 2019 compared to $30,600 in 2017, these workers’ income remains lower than the national median of $38,800 in 2019.

Meanwhile, those who have relocated to smaller cities are benefiting from higher incomes than the national average, owing to a greater demand for skilled workers and less job competition in these areas than in Toronto and Vancouver, where housing prices and overall costs of living are notoriously high.

Rural Alberta, where the median immigrant income was $46,700 in 2019, and smaller communities like Quebec City ($44,500) and St. John’s ($44,100) have the highest immigrant wages in the country.

A place like Thunder Bay, Ontario, has proven to be the location where immigrants can earn the most money ($43,500 in 2019), while Windsor, London, and Toronto have the lowest pay grades ($26,300, $28,600, and $29,600, respectively).

As Better Dwelling points out, there is an underlying trend of immigrants earning more than 10 years after arriving in Canada in locations with smaller immigrant populations, with the lowest pay rates in Southern Ontario and New Brunswick.

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