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A list of popular on campus part-time jobs for students in the US

Indian students consider part-time jobs as necessary once they go abroad to study. They provide a way to earn extra money and also socialise with students from all around the world. In a way, these jobs give you a comprehensive experience of the culture and life of students. According to the F1 student visa guidelines, students are allowed to work 20 hours per week and they can work only on university campus. However, while the classes are not going on, students can work up to 40 hours a week. It is not challenging to find jobs on campus at American universities due to their massive size and population. Furthermore, on campus part-time jobs have been tailored in such a manner that they will be eligible for all the visa instructions.

We have listed down ten most popular on-campus part-time jobs – 

1. Babysitter – University employees, including professors and administrative staff, usually prefer university students while choosing a babysitter. If you have a knack of working with kids, you can inquire with the student employment office for any openings. Babysitters make around $10 to $15 per hour, which are relatively fair wages and also your hours will vary on each day.

2. Barista – Coffee is the most demanded drink on campus, so if you have a passion for coffee yourself, you can work as a barista. Here you will get learn a lot about beverages like coffee, tea, espresso, and others. As an added benefit, you will be given an employee discount on beverages and will help in saving a lot of cash. 

3. Tour Guide – Considering American university campuses are massive in size and with a lot of historical significance in the structure. So parents of potential applicants or freshers take guided and paid tours to know the campus better. You can take up this role in the second, third or fourth year when you are familiarised with your campus. To be a tour guide, you need to be an extrovert in order to conduct personal tours, group tours, and talk to probable students about all that your school has to contribute in their comprehensive education.

4. Teaching Assistant – If you are committed to your academics, you can apply for these academic posts. There are two types of teaching assistants, the “teaching fellows” who are usually graduate research students. In contrast, “teaching assistants” could be an undergrad or graduate too, where assistants have less formal duties like giving out and receiving homework. For getting these post, you have to ask your professor if you can help them out through the freshman year.

5. Campus Tech Support – If you’re computer savvy or majoring in a technical field, look for a job at your college’s computer centre. All significant colleges offer tech-support to libraries, classrooms, and laboratories, so it becomes an important job position to hold. 

6. Peer Tutor – You can teach your classmates or juniors to help them with their course, analogous to India, with the added benefit of choosing your hours. To apply for a formal tutoring position, you can use your university’s education resource centre. 

7. Academic Department Assistant – This is fundamentally a clerical job where you will have to deal with paperwork sorting and filing. Departments usually give preference to students from within the field for this job. So, if you work within your department, it’s an excellent opportunity to network and make new connections with teachers, all the while understanding how your department functions.

8. University Book Store Assistant – All American schools have a campus bookstore for ease of access which sells reference books, course books, novels, along with other school supplies that students might need. In this job, you may even get beneficial employee discounts on books, stationery or other supplies. 

9. Production Assistant – American universities place importance on non scholastic activities like dances, concerts, and theatre. All of these performances need a lot of planning,backstage as well as technical work involved. If you are interested in cultural events, this will prove to be a great opportunity which will get you paid, while watching all these performances for free.
10. Library Monitor – This job includes maintaining the decorum and quiet atmosphere in the college library and supervision of study places. Library monitor is a job that will offer you a lot of quiet time to catch up on your studies or to prepare for an upcoming exam.

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