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Why thousands of Indian students have been refused Canadian student visa

Since the last few weeks, Canadian consultants have been noticing a large denial rate in student visas, which is a concerning sign. According to an Indian Express survey, Canadian authorities are denying visas to students who have received decent IELTS scores and have already been accepted in various universities and colleges. Students will now have to apply for a visa to commence their academics again, disappointed, and unclear about their careers. Dozens of students’ visas have been turned down by the Immigration authority of Canada, according to informed professionals who spoke to the Indian Express.

Unexpectedly, Canadian authorities are refusing to issue travel visas to students who have already got approval and have received the Visa Approval in Principle (AIP). AIP is only given to students who meet the specified and prerequisites, have passed IELTS with good scores, and have paid one-year academic tuition to the university in which they have been accepted. Although the consultants acknowledged that visa rejection is a regular occurrence, the number of rejections in previous weeks has been unexpected. According to some students, the refusal rate is as high as 60%.

According to Narpat Singh Babbar, a Canadian education advisor, there is a massive backlog of students who are awaiting visas from Canadian authorities. The number can be as high as 3 lakhs.  Babbar explained that the caseload is due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the restricted flights and border curbs between the two nations and that the officials are unable to process the visa requests of all the students in a timely manner. He also claimed that visas are being denied to candidates whose university courses are not in conjunction and past education or based on their financial situation. Simultaneously, he explained, visa authorities are on the lookout for incredibly bright students who want to pursue an easy course, as to why would a student want to again enroll in a similar or easy course from Canada? As per education advisors, students typically learn the justification for their visa rejection within 35-40 days. After observing the authorities’ inferences, applicants can resolve the flaws and re-present their case for obtaining a visa. Students frequently fail to evidently justify their case in their statement of purpose (SOP), which includes the major reason as to why they wish to pursue their education in Canada and their career plans and objectives, among other things. Furthermore, a student’s academic portrait, which includes grades in school, high school, and IELTS, as well as the economic condition, are important factors that play a crucial role in the visa application.

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