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10 sectors in demand in Canada’s British Columbia despite the pandemic

Many industries, including hospitality and tourism, were negatively impacted by the pandemic-related curbs. However, some industries witnessed a boom in job openings. The federal government conducted research into how the disease outbreak is affecting workers in each province and territory. Following are ten jobs that have seen an increase in job openings in B.C. because of the pandemic. The jobs are listed below by National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.

1. Payroll Administrators

These individuals gather, validate, and process payroll data. They also decide on compensation and perks for an organization’s employees and keep track of the payroll. The number of vacancies were 16% less in April 2020 as compared to that of April 2019. However, as demand increased, employment rates began to rise again. Many businesses are facing unanticipated income losses because of the pandemic, and payroll administrators are desperately needed to keep employee costs down.

2. Information systems analysts and consultants

Analysts are responsible to test the systems requirements and in turn analyse whether the plans and policies are in place while making recommendations for information systems. With most of the firms giving work from home to their employees, this occupation has witnessed a sharp increase in demand which is expected to rise even post- pandemic.

3. Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Majority of them are software developers who create, modify, integrate, and test computer code for applications such as software, data processing, operating systems, and communications software. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, job opportunities for these professionals increased significantly. This is to ensure that employees who work from home have access to the necessary computer software.

4. Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants

Providing support to the teachers while teaching and helping students learn is the major task of teacher assistants. Mostly, they focus upon behaviour management and teaching. The employment rates in this sector increased significantly by 44% in April 2020 as compared to that of April 2019.

5. Technical sales specialists

Technical goods and services are sold by professionals like technical sales speacialists to commercial and industrial businesses as well as government organizations. Following the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, productivity for these professionals plummeted. However, by May, technical sales specialist employment had recovered and was continuing to rise.

6. Cooks

In March 2020, restaurants closed their doors to dine-in customers, and many cooks lost their jobs. Many eateries have switched to online ordering and home delivery, necessitating the hiring of more cooks.

7. Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents

Commercial, institutional, and residential buildings are cleaned and maintained by janitors while the functioning of the establishment is overseen by building superintendents. Following the pandemic’s declaration in March 2020, they saw a significant spike in demand. This is due to a rise in the need for heavy-duty cleaning and sanitization to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

8. Material handlers

Material handlers are responsible for handling, moving, loading, and unloading materials. In April 2020, employment for this job nearly doubled (by 91%) when compared to April 2019. The need to load and unload vital items such as food, cleaning supplies, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has seen a whooping demand.

9. Transport truck drivers

The truck drivers deliver supplies both within and between provinces, as well as internationally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these professionals deliver goods to a variety of industries which has led to increase in jobs for them.

10. Underground production and development miners

In underground mines, these professionals drill, blast, and operate mining machinery to extract coal and ore. They also dig tunnels and passageways to make mining operations more efficient. After the pandemic was declared, employment for these professionals plummeted. However, now there are more job openings and a higher demand.

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